Shock Collar – An Effective Tool For Training The Dogs

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Shock Collar"Shock collars are used to check the undesirable behavior in dogs like excessive barking, running away, and chewing the furniture or anything that the owner feels undesirable. When the dog feels the irritated sensation he stops repeating the unwanted activities after a few attempts. It is usually adopted by dog owners whose puppies are left for long hours at home alone. It is a water proof trainer for dogs and can train more than one dog at the same time. It should be noted that this device is not suitable for puppies less than 6 months.

Working of shock collar

Shock collars for dogs are effective trainers to curb aggressive behavior in them. Shock collar does not intend to punish the dogs and does not have harmful effects that last for a long time.

  • Most of the shock collars produce a beep sound or sense of vibration before delivering the actual shock to dogs.
  • The beep includes the verbal instructions to puppies before they intend to do some undesirable activity like ‘No’ or ‘down’.
  • You can vary the intensity and duration of the shock as required for training your puppies.
  • In order to give the boundary training to the dogs shock collars are prompted by the wires that are placed underground along with the boundary line. So, the dogs learn how far they can walk before reaching the boundary line.

Benefits of shock collars

To train your dog might be tricky for you. For this reason, shock collars are provided for dogs to ensure their effective training. To train a dog with a shock collar gives favorable and faster results within few weeks. As dogs develop a sense of threat from such shocks, they avoid repeated negative behavior. Shock collar works even during your absence from the home and keeps your pet safe by working as a boundary control.