Oracle Setting Up Data Center in India

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "oracle"At a value of $37 billion, Oracle has become one of the largest technology companies in the world and that has been in large part to the vision of Mark Hurd CEO of the company. Since taking over the company in 2010, Hurd has quickly turned Oracle into one of the leaders in the industry, setting the standard by which many companies are trying to emulate.

One of the ideas that the CEO is looking to emulate is to increase its presence in India. While Oracle has had a presence there for over 25 years, which includes over 40,000 employees, Hurd laid out a plan in September of 2016 to expand their operations in the nation.

There is no doubt that India has proven to be fertile ground for many of the technology companies. With a workforce that costs employers less than they would pay in America and a group that is smart and willing to learn, India offers a unique opportunity that has lured many companies to the nation to set up shop.

Mark Hurd sees the value, and as his company is increasing in sales and market share, he has seen the need to take advantage of an opportunity to make Oracle even bigger and better. The move to India to increase operations not only gives the company a workforce that can be depended upon, but it offers Oracle the opportunity to expand its global reach.

One area in particular where India will likely become a key piece to Oracle’s plans is in the area of cloud technology. The company has quickly risen to become the preferred provider of cloud space to consumers, and India offers the right kind of workforce and space to be able to expand their plans even further. This is just one other way that Mark Hurd has made Oracle the tech giant for the future.